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  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Self Esteem
  • Adjusting to Injury and loss
  • Grief and Loss
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Providing Psychological Assessments & Therapy Services to the Macarthur Area


Stress is something that all humans experience. Stress occurs when the demands on us outweigh our resources to cope with these demands. Stress can occur in any aspect of our lives, such as work, finances, relationships or health.

Usually periods of stress pass naturally and we move on with life. However there are times when stress becomes overwhelming; when it begins to have major impacts on our physical health, our ability to complete everyday tasks, and our relationships with others. It can be useful to get psychological assistance to deal with these times.

Psychological treatment for stress involves identifying the major stressors in your life, considering what can be changed and problem-solving these changes. Strategies can be developed to help you cope with situations that may be beyond your control. These may include physical relaxation techniques, cognitive strategies involving helpful self-talk, making more time for yourself or changing the way you communicate with others.