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Self Esteem

Self esteem is how we regard ourselves. People with a healthy or positive self esteem are generally happy and accepting of how they are: they know they have strengths and weaknesses but can be proud of their achievements and are content with who they are as a person.

People with low self esteem are generally not happy with themselves and this can impact significantly on their lives. Low self esteem can develop early in life and possible contributing factors include early childhood experiences, negative relationships, bullying and not being able to meet unrealistically high expectations.

Common aspects of low self esteem:

  • Seeing oneself as inferior to others
  • Downplay one’s personal qualities and achievements
  • Self critical
  • Disbelieve compliments from others
  • Blames oneself for everything that goes wrong

Low self-esteem can be experienced together with other difficulties including Depression, Social Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Self Harm.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is particularly helpful for improving people’s self esteem. Low self esteem is maintained by negative thought patterns, in particular the self critical way in which people think of themselves, and the way they compare themselves to others. These negative thoughts influence behaviour, for example not putting your ideas forward or taking opportunities that may build confidence. Understanding how your self esteem developed and is maintained is very important. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provides a structure to help break unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns, and begin to promote a healthier view of yourself.