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Ageing Positively

Ageing positively means not only taking care of our physical health but also our mental and brain health. As we get older changes occur in all parts of the body including the brain. Some of us may notice that it takes longer to learn new tasks, we don’t remember information as well as we used to, or we misplace common items like our glasses or our keys. These are normally signs of mild forgetfulness and are part of normal memory ageing and are not serious problems.

However, some older adults are often more concerned about their memory loss and forgetfulness, especially if they have a first degree relative who has had dementia. Some memory problems can be related to medication or health issues and are treatable. Coping with life changes such as downsizing the family home, retiring or the loss of a loved one can make someone confused and forgetful. Emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression, can also interfere with memory and this is sometimes mistaken for dementia.

Some people with more memory problems than normal for people their age have a condition called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Their symptoms are not as severe as those who have Alzheimer's Disease and they are able to carry out their normal activities of daily living. However people with MCI are more at risk of developing dementia.

Studies have shown that a transition period can exist for Alzheimer’s Disease many years prior to clinical symptoms appearing and cognitive testing can be useful in discriminating those who remain cognitively stable or have normal age related memory loss from those who subsequently decline. Older ‘at risk’ adults can also benefit from training targeting healthy brain ageing, and late life depression and anxiety are readily treatable leading to improved cognitive functioning.

Comprehensive psychological assessment beyond basic memory tests can provide individuals, their families and medical practitioners with valuable information regarding an individuals memory functioning leading to better and more timely diagnosis, treatment and life planning.