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Providing Psychological Assessments & Therapy Services to the Macarthur Area

Adjusting to Injury and loss

There is often a psychological impact when people experience a major illness or injury. The illness or injury may have been life threatening, may have reduced the person’s ability to perform normal tasks, or may have caused significant pain.

In the short term, anxiety can often be experienced. There may be uncertainty about treatments and prognosis. People may also experience anxiety with regards to medical procedures, hospital admissions or appointments. In the case of injuries, people may develop anxiety with regards to resuming activities or returning to the situation in which the injury occurred.

In the longer term, people may experience depression in the context of adjusting to changes that have come about from the injury or illness. There may have been changes in working conditions, or roles within the household. Changes to independence and mobility can be difficult to adapt to.

Other psychological impacts of illness or injury can include anger and frustration, isolation and a loss of empowerment and control.

To some degree all of these emotions are natural reactions to an upsetting and difficult time. However, if these problems are ongoing it may be helpful to discuss your experience with your GP, and consider whether psychological therapy would be helpful.

Gaining psychological support to work through the changes in your life and begin accepting and adjusting to these changes can be useful. A psychologist can help you to talk through your feelings, and when you are ready, to begin setting new goals and moving forward in your life.